oh, so that’s what spring feels like.


The view from my car atop Memorial Park Hill.  It’s pretty stunning in person, and apparently a popular lunch spot – there were three other cars parked with people eating takeout.  Lol.



April has arrived!  And with it comes spring.  And with spring comes my work ethic.  Funny how that always happens.

I have been slogging along this week at the old self-employment biz.  Building a business is rarely fun, but it does bring a huge sense of accomplishment when you tackle something you’ve been needing to do but avoiding.  Like making that phone call, or fixing that website, or updating that social media.  I managed to do all of the above plus much more this past week, and so I turn today to my neglected house.  I have no less than four meetings left to attend this month, and spring cleaning will turn very quickly into summer cleaning if I don’t get to it soon.

Another thing I did do this week was get through a big (virtual) pile of books, which I will be writing about later today.  And then hopefully I can blog a bit about socks as well.  Lofty goals, lofty goals.

Stay awesome, y’all.