preschool, socks, and blogs

2016-08-28 17.38.07And like that, the first week of preschool is over.  (It was a 2 day long week seeing as how school started on Thursday, but let’s not get bogged down in the details.)  I didn’t have an explosion of Getting Things Done like I had hoped, but much like we have been patient with Norah in her transition, I’ve been patient with myself.

On her first day, I picked her up and was told she was a “live wire” by the teacher.  Um.  She said she thought she would do great, and I was like… Okay.  We’ve got time, she’ll learn things (maybe) and figure out how to listen better (hopefully).  Because I suspected live wire meant just that, a pure inability to sit the hell still.

Day Two pickup and there was nothing but happy raving from her teacher and teacher’s aide.  It took apparently a whopping one day for her to pick up almost all the routines and rules and learn her sitting spots, her coat cubby, and all that fun stuff.  I even fished a little with the aide to see if she was going to reveal any hiccups, and nope.  Nothing but praise.

I know that there will be good days and bad days.  I know that over the years, there will be calm times and crazy times, and that sometimes Norah will cry, sometimes she will laugh, and there’s very little to do about that from my end – she is a human child after all, growing at an alarming rate and soaking things up like the driest of sponges.  But it does my heart good to hear that yes, preschool is where she is meant to be.  And particularly Montessori preschool.  (The teacher described her as a true Montessorian, wanting to do EVERYTHING herself.  I replied, she sure is, and I’m sorry in advance.)

That is essentially all that is fun and exciting around these parts currently.  I’ve got a sock going as you can see to test the fit on a forethought heel, because I suspect those are going to be my preferred heels.  I’m not entirely sure if I will manage to make a pair – I was dumb enough to just do plain stockinette on these and I’m pretty much bored to tears.  Knit knit knit forever and ever.  I have a nice Knit Picks order on the way with wool for hats and a new set of short tipped circulars that I bought myself for my birthday, so there will be even more knitting come tomorrow when that arrives.

The blog continues to soldier on – there is a new computer in the house, which is a joy to type on and doesn’t make the concerning grinding noises that my laptop did.  Hooray!

And now it’s imperative that I eat this ice cream sandwich.