january – rocky start would be an understatement

I don’t even know, man.

Health – just… move right along.  Whole family got sick right as school started back up again, and I’ve yet to refind my momentum.  I have been cooking much more this week which is good, but still.  Also signed up for Graze, and we devoured the trial box of snacks, so I immediately made more orders and signed up for twice monthly snack deliveries.  That, I’m excited about.

Time and Routine – see. above.  Holy shit.  This has been my biggest fail.  We cannot get settled into this schedule.  Trying again tomorrow.  Always try again tomorrow.  The house is amazing right now though in terms of decluttering – I literally have only the top shelf of Nono’s closet left and the garage.  And the garage can’t happen till the weather warms up.  Such a win.

Love and Kindness – always a work in progress but I didn’t do anything parenting wise I’m ashamed of this month?  That’s good?  Yeesh.

Work – ooooh this one is A OK at the moment.  I am officially a La Leche League Leader – huzzah!  Took a year, but it was well worth it.  I’ve also made some wonderful connections this month, goals are still in place and being worked on, and I’m really pleased.  At least I didn’t let those balls drop, sigh.

Leia Project – Women’s March, man.  That’s all you need to know.  And the fact that I taught her to shout “Fight the power!” at random times of the day.

Hygge through Craftiness – a new category I’m adding.  Making my life cozy via making things.  Knitting a particularly badass pair of rainbow socks seen above, and that makes me pleased.

January, you were sloooow going.  February, you’ve got potential… provided the fucking snow starts to melt.