Yo.  I’m Moni, early thirties (oh good, I can say that for another year or so), doula, childbirth educator, wife, and mom to one small 2 1/2 year old Princess Fix-It who we call Nono.  My husband and I have been together for 9 years, and he has been a pharmacy technician for 3 of those years.  This last year, he decided to go whole hog and go to pharmacy school, so in 3 years, he’ll be a full fledged pharmacist.  There are only a teeny handful of pharmacy schools in the Northwest, so we packed up the kid and the cats this past fall and moved from Western WA over to Central WA.  It is… different.  New.  Weeeeird.  But also great.  These are our stories.

The name “Cement Walkers” comes from a comment one of the locals made to my husband when he first moved here.  Complaining about some construction happening over the Pass, he started ranting about “flatlanders” and “cement walkers”.  My husband, quickly realizing that the gentleman in question was referring to Western Washingtonians, gleefully relayed the story to me.  The nickname has stuck.  Just a couple of cement walkers on an adventure.


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