Oh, big promises.  I am always full of the big promises.

Anyway.  Things and stuff!

  • Knitting! Socks are hibernating.  I have come to realize that I need to switch to an afterthought heel type of scenario to actually finish anything ever.  So I’m going to shortly here start a second pair with plain old tube patterning and try the afterthought.
  • Reading!  I’m powering through the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews – holy shit that’s enjoyable.  I don’t like just any urban fantasy series, and some of them I am just reading now because I don’t even know why (looking at you, Lords of the Underworld) but these books are on point.  Love them.
  • Planning!  Slump.  Huge slump.  Waiting for a Plum Paper horizontal, which might help.  Or not.  Who the hell knows.  At the moment I’m just forcing myself to use my two daily planners interchangeably (Day Designer and Simplified Planner) just so I make to do lists and get things done.  Also attempting bullet journaling, which is having mixed results.  I think I prefer having a book for lists even more than I do using it as a planner, which hey, no wrong way to bullet journal, so there you go.
  • Beauty!  Holy shit have I gotten myself out of my comfort zone with this, and I am loving it.  Loving it.  I’ve started collecting some pieces of higher end makeup (thanks, Sephora Flash membership) and fallen in love with Tarte products mostly.  But, with getting back into wearing makeup came a realization that I couldn’t go days at a time without looking in a mirror anymore – it was time to deal with my skin.  Deal With It.  And I did just that, by discovering K-Beauty products.  Full rambly post for sure on that later.
  • Parenting!  I mean, she’s still alive, guys.  Don’t expect a lot beyond that.

That’s my summary of the last month, kids.  Keep it real.