january – rocky start would be an understatement

I don’t even know, man.

Health – just… move right along.  Whole family got sick right as school started back up again, and I’ve yet to refind my momentum.  I have been cooking much more this week which is good, but still.  Also signed up for Graze, and we devoured the trial box of snacks, so I immediately made more orders and signed up for twice monthly snack deliveries.  That, I’m excited about.

Time and Routine – see. above.  Holy shit.  This has been my biggest fail.  We cannot get settled into this schedule.  Trying again tomorrow.  Always try again tomorrow.  The house is amazing right now though in terms of decluttering – I literally have only the top shelf of Nono’s closet left and the garage.  And the garage can’t happen till the weather warms up.  Such a win.

Love and Kindness – always a work in progress but I didn’t do anything parenting wise I’m ashamed of this month?  That’s good?  Yeesh.

Work – ooooh this one is A OK at the moment.  I am officially a La Leche League Leader – huzzah!  Took a year, but it was well worth it.  I’ve also made some wonderful connections this month, goals are still in place and being worked on, and I’m really pleased.  At least I didn’t let those balls drop, sigh.

Leia Project – Women’s March, man.  That’s all you need to know.  And the fact that I taught her to shout “Fight the power!” at random times of the day.

Hygge through Craftiness – a new category I’m adding.  Making my life cozy via making things.  Knitting a particularly badass pair of rainbow socks seen above, and that makes me pleased.

January, you were sloooow going.  February, you’ve got potential… provided the fucking snow starts to melt.



preschool, socks, and blogs

2016-08-28 17.38.07And like that, the first week of preschool is over.  (It was a 2 day long week seeing as how school started on Thursday, but let’s not get bogged down in the details.)  I didn’t have an explosion of Getting Things Done like I had hoped, but much like we have been patient with Norah in her transition, I’ve been patient with myself.

On her first day, I picked her up and was told she was a “live wire” by the teacher.  Um.  She said she thought she would do great, and I was like… Okay.  We’ve got time, she’ll learn things (maybe) and figure out how to listen better (hopefully).  Because I suspected live wire meant just that, a pure inability to sit the hell still.

Day Two pickup and there was nothing but happy raving from her teacher and teacher’s aide.  It took apparently a whopping one day for her to pick up almost all the routines and rules and learn her sitting spots, her coat cubby, and all that fun stuff.  I even fished a little with the aide to see if she was going to reveal any hiccups, and nope.  Nothing but praise.

I know that there will be good days and bad days.  I know that over the years, there will be calm times and crazy times, and that sometimes Norah will cry, sometimes she will laugh, and there’s very little to do about that from my end – she is a human child after all, growing at an alarming rate and soaking things up like the driest of sponges.  But it does my heart good to hear that yes, preschool is where she is meant to be.  And particularly Montessori preschool.  (The teacher described her as a true Montessorian, wanting to do EVERYTHING herself.  I replied, she sure is, and I’m sorry in advance.)

That is essentially all that is fun and exciting around these parts currently.  I’ve got a sock going as you can see to test the fit on a forethought heel, because I suspect those are going to be my preferred heels.  I’m not entirely sure if I will manage to make a pair – I was dumb enough to just do plain stockinette on these and I’m pretty much bored to tears.  Knit knit knit forever and ever.  I have a nice Knit Picks order on the way with wool for hats and a new set of short tipped circulars that I bought myself for my birthday, so there will be even more knitting come tomorrow when that arrives.

The blog continues to soldier on – there is a new computer in the house, which is a joy to type on and doesn’t make the concerning grinding noises that my laptop did.  Hooray!

And now it’s imperative that I eat this ice cream sandwich.


Oh, big promises.  I am always full of the big promises.

Anyway.  Things and stuff!

  • Knitting! Socks are hibernating.  I have come to realize that I need to switch to an afterthought heel type of scenario to actually finish anything ever.  So I’m going to shortly here start a second pair with plain old tube patterning and try the afterthought.
  • Reading!  I’m powering through the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews – holy shit that’s enjoyable.  I don’t like just any urban fantasy series, and some of them I am just reading now because I don’t even know why (looking at you, Lords of the Underworld) but these books are on point.  Love them.
  • Planning!  Slump.  Huge slump.  Waiting for a Plum Paper horizontal, which might help.  Or not.  Who the hell knows.  At the moment I’m just forcing myself to use my two daily planners interchangeably (Day Designer and Simplified Planner) just so I make to do lists and get things done.  Also attempting bullet journaling, which is having mixed results.  I think I prefer having a book for lists even more than I do using it as a planner, which hey, no wrong way to bullet journal, so there you go.
  • Beauty!  Holy shit have I gotten myself out of my comfort zone with this, and I am loving it.  Loving it.  I’ve started collecting some pieces of higher end makeup (thanks, Sephora Flash membership) and fallen in love with Tarte products mostly.  But, with getting back into wearing makeup came a realization that I couldn’t go days at a time without looking in a mirror anymore – it was time to deal with my skin.  Deal With It.  And I did just that, by discovering K-Beauty products.  Full rambly post for sure on that later.
  • Parenting!  I mean, she’s still alive, guys.  Don’t expect a lot beyond that.

That’s my summary of the last month, kids.  Keep it real.

soup, suds and socks

This may surprise you, dear readers, but with a husband in both graduate school AND working nearly full time, there isn’t an ample amount of free or family time left over during the school year.  Particularly on the weekends – the pharmacy loves having Mer on the weekends, and they fit into his schedule, so most Saturdays and Sundays tend to consist of him working and Nono and I bumming around at home, glued to the Disney Channel.

But it’s Spring Break!  Huzzah!  A time where yes, he’s still working, but there are actually a few days left over for the three of us to rock it Family Style.  Staying home was tempting, seeing as how it was raining outside off and on and we were all a bit short of sleep (thanks, Daylight Savings), but we dusted off the fleece jackets and ventured out.  And I’m very pleased we did.

First was a bit of lunch and playplace time at Ye Olde Fast Food Establishment wherein I watched an older kid try desperately to get Nono to participate in his game (spoiler – didn’t work.  It involved being “very quiet”, which, well, no.) and shoved cookies in my face.  Then, off to the local yarn store.  Inspired by Lucy at Attic 24, I decided to dive back into sock knitting in the hopes that maybe I can finish a PAIR this time.  I’m following the Winwick Mum Sockalong, and my tiny 12 inch circular arrives tomorrow, which I have a feeling will be the thing that makes the sock knitting stick.  But no Amazon yarn for me, oh no.  I had to go squish and squash some lovely stuff at Yarn Folk, and I was NOT disappointed.  The resulting purchase:


I can’t even with how gorgeous that is.  I’m familiar with Wisdom Yarns, but I’ve never tried it, and this one apparently knits up as a faux Fair Isle!  Eeeeee.  Springy yarn for a springy project.

After the yarn store, we vacuumed and shampooed the car (less exciting, but oh so necessary), and then went for a bit of an early dinner at a soup and sandwich place.  Been meaning to try it for, you know, 6 months, lol.  But today was the day!  Absolutely delicious.  Nono devoured a bowl of turkey rice soup, like, decimated.  Obliterated.  So she’s a fan, obviously.

And to home.  Mer is messing with his Metal Earth of Himeiji Castle that he’s had for months and not had time to build, Nono is involved in Lilo and Stitch, and I am settling down for a bit of planner time and Ravelry searching.  Later on, there will be a blissful Safeway trip solo.  I can spend as much time pondering the cracker aisle as I want, people.  That’s true freedom.

Now that, my dears, is a Sunday.  Love.