Links & Things

Like Oprah, except without the ability to give hundreds of people new cars at a time, I have a chunk of things that I’ve come to love besides my husband and offspring.  Here they are.

Erin Condren – Listen.  I use my planner.  I use it a hell of a lot.  I may switch brands up down and sideways, and I may stray for whatever reason, but I am always ending back up at the feet of Ms. Condren, waiting for another ECLP to fall into my outstretched hands.  I’m not saying she’s Jesus, but you know.  If you’re interested in trying an Erin Condren Life Planner, feel free to use my code to get $10 off your first order – you have to sign up for an account using this link specifically, and then you’ll be emailed the coupon.  Welcome to the cult.

Day Designer – The one exception to my EC obsession is the Day Designer.  There are many weeks where I’m juggling my own work and home life with my husband’s work and school life, and those weeks usually call for a daily planner instead of the weekly Erin Condren.  So I will bust out my trusty beast of a Day Designer.  Check out the website and try that sucker for free – there are free printables all over the place there!