soup, suds and socks

This may surprise you, dear readers, but with a husband in both graduate school AND working nearly full time, there isn’t an ample amount of free or family time left over during the school year.  Particularly on the weekends – the pharmacy loves having Mer on the weekends, and they fit into his schedule, so most Saturdays and Sundays tend to consist of him working and Nono and I bumming around at home, glued to the Disney Channel.

But it’s Spring Break!  Huzzah!  A time where yes, he’s still working, but there are actually a few days left over for the three of us to rock it Family Style.  Staying home was tempting, seeing as how it was raining outside off and on and we were all a bit short of sleep (thanks, Daylight Savings), but we dusted off the fleece jackets and ventured out.  And I’m very pleased we did.

First was a bit of lunch and playplace time at Ye Olde Fast Food Establishment wherein I watched an older kid try desperately to get Nono to participate in his game (spoiler – didn’t work.  It involved being “very quiet”, which, well, no.) and shoved cookies in my face.  Then, off to the local yarn store.  Inspired by Lucy at Attic 24, I decided to dive back into sock knitting in the hopes that maybe I can finish a PAIR this time.  I’m following the Winwick Mum Sockalong, and my tiny 12 inch circular arrives tomorrow, which I have a feeling will be the thing that makes the sock knitting stick.  But no Amazon yarn for me, oh no.  I had to go squish and squash some lovely stuff at Yarn Folk, and I was NOT disappointed.  The resulting purchase:


I can’t even with how gorgeous that is.  I’m familiar with Wisdom Yarns, but I’ve never tried it, and this one apparently knits up as a faux Fair Isle!  Eeeeee.  Springy yarn for a springy project.

After the yarn store, we vacuumed and shampooed the car (less exciting, but oh so necessary), and then went for a bit of an early dinner at a soup and sandwich place.  Been meaning to try it for, you know, 6 months, lol.  But today was the day!  Absolutely delicious.  Nono devoured a bowl of turkey rice soup, like, decimated.  Obliterated.  So she’s a fan, obviously.

And to home.  Mer is messing with his Metal Earth of Himeiji Castle that he’s had for months and not had time to build, Nono is involved in Lilo and Stitch, and I am settling down for a bit of planner time and Ravelry searching.  Later on, there will be a blissful Safeway trip solo.  I can spend as much time pondering the cracker aisle as I want, people.  That’s true freedom.

Now that, my dears, is a Sunday.  Love.



oh, look who’s putting her typing where her mouth is.

I mean, Mer wasn’t going to sit and listen to me ramble about my various interests FOREVER.  At some point, he was gonna snap.  Inevitable.

I’d love to be able to give you some kind of heads up as to what type of shit I’ll be talking about here, but it would be lies, because it’ll probably change.  Much like the one guy tells the other guy in Pocahontas (I don’t actually physically watch the movie cause it pains me, but overhearing it is another story), she goes wherever the wind takes her.  Like Disney’s weird adultified version of Pocahontas, I am typically checking for available riverbends.

Come along with me?  Or don’t.  But you should.  Maybe.  Listen, I don’t know.  It’s a thing where I talk about stuff.